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ThaiCafe and Dining Green Terrace
ThaiCafe and Dining Green Terrace
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Thai | Komazawa / Sakura Shinmachi, Tokyo 23 Ward

This is a place where you can feel the seasons of Komazawa Park and people's smile. Our restaurant is located in a place in the city where you see an abundant greenery and feel a stream of people continues endlessly. In 2009, we opened Thai government certified restaurant Tun Ten in Nishi-Waseda, and then renewed it as a Green Terrace in Komazawa in the fall of 2018.
Our motto is to welcome guests who visit our restaurant to spend a relaxing time.
You can casually enjoy the authentic Thai cuisine created by our chefs from Thailand. The terrace seats section facing Komazawa Park is ideal for dating. Pets are allowed for the terrace seats.
We are glad to have you for your various occasions from dining together with your friends to anniversary with your important person.
Takeout is also available, so that you can enjoy the authentic Thai cuisine of Green Terrace in the party at your company, or at your home. More