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Established in 2002, The Knife is an authentic Argentinean steakhouse experience, where you can enjoy over 15 different cuts of beef, chicken and pork, all grilled to perfection by our expert "Parrillero" (Grill Master). Our system allows you to try as many cuts as you want, as many times as you please. A dream-come-true for meat lovers! To go along with our delicious meats, we offer a wide selection of appetizers, salads and sides, many of which are original Argentinean recipes. At The Knife you can eat at your own pace, as much as you wish, combining meats, salads and sides your own way, making every meal truly unique. Our Argentinean steakhouse experience includes all meats, salads and sides under a fixed price, so that the only thing you need to think about is what to try next...
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1 review
Dined on 9 January 2020

There were fruit flies all over the salad bar. We had a Groupon and were told we could only have the filet mignon which was ok. They gave us a choice of potatoes or rice and brought it out way before the steak came out , so by the time we got the steak, the potatoes were ice cold. The steaks were tasty but salty. They were also so small that they brought both of them on one plate. I wasn’t sure if it was 1 portion or 2. Turns out it was for 2. Luckily I was there with my cousin so it was enough for me. However if my husband had been there those 2 steaks which were each no bigger than 2 oz (cooked) would have been gobbled up in 4 bites and he would still have been hungry. They also give you a bottle of wine. I would have preferred no wine and a steak that they would serve their patrons not paying with Groupon.

1 review
Dined on 15 December 2019

Made reservations for a birthday event. We were seated and waited on promptly. The salad bar area was nothing outrageous in my opinion. Ruby Tuesday’s has a much better selection in comparison🤔 the meats I was quite disappointed in. Very fatty. Not good quality at all. Better meat at las Vacas Gordas or los ranchos. Very pricey for the quality of their food. Bought a Groupon at that. My family barely ate any of the food. Needless to say, for it being an all you can eat restaurant... no one went back for seconds😬

3 reviews
Dined on 23 November 2019

Had no idea that this was a serve yourself restaurant. The steak was very rare despite asking for more; chicken dry. Service did not speak English well at all. Absolutely no ambiance!

1 review
Dined on 21 November 2019

Overall very good. I went with a large group of people for a team building activity at 12m. The only complain I have is the service, i called about 4 times before the day I went, I placed a reservation via Open Table and called again the actual day to make sure everything was going to be ready and advise we were going to be on time because we had full schedule after lunch. Still took them 45 minutes to give us the hot sides we asked at the moment we arrived with the excuse that they open at 12 and the fryer was not hot enough. (That was the reason I called so many times, to avoid this to happen). But in general, we had a great time, the food and price is very good and will definitely come back again!

1 review
Dined on 2 November 2019

Ha cambiado mucho este Restaurante, las carnes ahora son duras y llenas de pellejos,
pedimos en la mesa Bistec de riñonada, nos sirvieron otra cosa, NY Steak, super duro y nadie se lo pudo comer.. nos respondieron no hay riñonada. muy pobre la mesa del Buffet chica con pocos platos.
la verdad no lo recomiendo, y no regreso.. es una lastima.

1 review
Dined on 17 October 2019

great service awesome food empanadas, mignon, ny steak

35 reviews
Dined on 24 August 2019

Nice place but you have to serve yourself! Not like in other restaurants where the meats come to your table. Food was just ok. Chicken left on the grill and too dry. The have several meat selections which are good but make sure they don't over cook it. You ask for medium and get well done. Cold buffet/salad area did not impress; very little selection. Service staff very nice but have too many tables. Appetizers,which are inclusive, can only be served by the waiter/waitress, as well as drinks take too long to come to the table; so make sure to ask for them ahead of time. It's a buffet style place and they still ask for 18/20% gratuity. 1 bottle of wine of your choice is inclusive with your meal. You eat free if it is your birthday but you need to have a valid photo id to confirm birthday.

1 review
Dined on 19 August 2019

Loved the attention and the food was great. Really good deal for the price.

1 review
Dined on 2 August 2019

The service and the alcohol are the best things about this establishment... you’re greeted when you enter and taken care of rather quickly but the food is less than desirable and the setup is lacking as well... the concept is ok but execution is meh as the meat tends to be dried out only thing that wasn’t dry and tough really was the beef... if there wAs an actual bar area I’d frequent the place for drinks and that’s about it glad I got a Groupon for this and not just paid straight up

8 reviews
Dined on 21 July 2019

Service wS terrible. We were 1/2 way through the meal by the time we got our sangria.the waiter forgot about us and sat at the table a good 10 min before he came back to offer us coffee or dessert. Food just ok. Glad we had a Groupon, it’s not worth the price

1 review
Dined on 1 July 2019

I love this place. It’s got generous portions, legitimate Argentinian food, house made chimichurri and to top it off the selection of drinks is perfect. I will definitely be back.

1 review
Dined on 29 June 2019

I had a great time ! I went with friends for a birthday dinner and it was such a great experience. The food was really good and the service was great as well.

1 review
Dined on 28 June 2019

Love this place, food is great, great price for all you can eat. Highly recommended.

1 review
Dined on 23 June 2019

i would like to go back and enjoy the food and company

2 reviews
Dined on 11 June 2019

Warm salads,wine. Dry chicken,steak. Had to pay for dessert. Wont go back. 😞😢😟

2 reviews
Dined on 9 June 2019

Service, atmosphere and food were exceptional!! We will return!! Thanks

1 review
Dined on 8 June 2019

It was a beautiful restaurant with very friendly staff, however the food was average. There were several meat choices but minimal side options.

1 review
Dined on 3 June 2019

Great food and amazing service. Nice and cozy place to have a good time with family and friends!

1 review
Dined on 3 June 2019

1 waiter attending 4 graduations, an awesome heat, the light went out and we had to wait for more than 1 hour to pass the bill, very upset about everything, we spent more than 4 hours in total since we arrived, it is unacceptable.

2 reviews
Dined on 2 May 2019

The Management should think about offering more Keto friendly veggies to the menu? Too many carb heavy sides.

New York Area
46 reviews
Dined on 29 April 2019

I would recommend this only for the attractive ambiance, the price to value and the fact it is all you can eat. Steak and salad bar were quite good, most of the other meats overdone. As relatively small eaters, most restaurants actually represent a second, sometimes more, meal out of leftovers.

2 reviews
Dined on 15 April 2019

I've been to about 4 different Knife restaurants so I know the food. Regretfully, the meats were either dry or over cooked. And we were almost the 1st customers there. I wanted to impress my wife since it was our anniversary, but it didn't work out.
Big time shame on such a good restaurant.

1 review
Dined on 3 April 2019

Everything was dry, the fish was dry and over cooked and the meat also. Mash potatoes were made from a box. Found a fly in my wine. Not a good experience.

8 reviews
Dined on 25 March 2019

The chicken was ok, steaks were not impressive and the salad bar was lacking in selection. Not a place I would go to again.

1 review
Dined on 15 March 2019

We had the worst first experience, we let the waitress know that it was our first time and she was still not hopeful at all. Will not be returning.

1 review
Dined on 15 March 2019

This was a horrible experience! I let was my first time and I'll never return

New England
1 review
Dined on 2 March 2019

All meats were overcooked...….the waitress did not offer us Filet Mignon at the beginning ?? WE found out at the end of the meal. 32.95 per person ( even though 1 bottle of very CHEAP WINE is included )… a STEAL.………… Never will we go back......NEVER will we recommend to our friends. I am not very happy...It was my Wife's anniversary...can you imagine:::::: shame on you.

Jacques Labellle

1 review
Dined on 26 February 2019

Good food for a great price, the place is comfortable and nice and the service is good

1 review
Dined on 20 February 2019

Meat was full of fat guys in la parrilla barely wanted to serve meat men seemed to be whispering about god knows what in front of
Me very rude I showed the waiter the Groupon too late apparently as well and went on and on about how she can get into trouble

1 review
Dined on 15 February 2019

The waitress service was terrible, the food was not what I expected for the price and the buffet salad was really normal. There was just one waitress for many people and she did not come to offer us something

1 review
Dined on 15 February 2019

The asado was overlook and dry. Chinchulines were good.

1 review
Dined on 9 February 2019

For the value, I would not recommend this returaunt. We were seated in hard wooden benches in the corner of the resturaunt. Upon arriving at our table we were met with our dishes and silverware covered in water spots. You get one piece of bread with butter (In the wrapper).

So my girlfriend and I go to see what for food is offered at the grill/salad bar and I was not impressed. The salad bar was very low in options and all of the pasta salad and meats were very oily. The grill had some pretty decent variety however almost every thing was dry. The ribs literally would not even come off the bone and they don’t offer any sauces and you are stuck asking the bar for A-1 sauce.

After eating our dinner we got dessert menus and the dessert was actually quite nice. Not too much and not too little just right. We had the lava cake and the chocolate mousse and honestly it was probably the best part of the night.

The bottom line is they charge a pretty penny and don’t offer the quality that you would expect when paying those prices. All and all I would not recommend this establishment for a nice dinner out.

2 reviews
Dined on 4 February 2019

Nice customer service. Food not so great. You have to be in a line to get some meat. You will wait and get cold and overcooked meat. Salad bar poor.
To expensive for what you get. Very friendly service but not enough reason to go there.

1 review
Dined on 27 January 2019

The food was terrible, the waiter was terrible. We use to love this restaurant. Sad to say we will never go again.

1 review
Dined on 27 January 2019

The waitress since the beginning was rough and forgetful.
Since we told her we had a groupon she was like it was free food and did not bring the drinks accordingly as we ordered and fail to do refill of them. I went with family that came from Spain and they are very uptight with service. I had paid for the Groupon but we were 6 therefore they paid for the other 2 regular meals. When the waitress asked my cousin for the tip, she said I don’t wanna leave anything. I felt a bit uncomfortable, however since the beginning she treated us like we were eating as a charity and that was not right. If you have an opportunity to tell, let her know that she works for tips. Don’t underestimate anyone because I am a very good tipper and If she deserved it I would have given her not $32 but $50 tip.

1 review
Dined on 25 January 2019

Is not the 1st tim we go to the restaurant. The food was amazing as usual. But, we had the feeling that the service wasn't enough for the amount of customers...could be better.

1 review
Dined on 13 January 2019

The line for the steak is way too long and you come out smelling like bbq. The restaurant was not very nice- the location looks deserted and when you walk in it has an old feel to it. Food was food but it just wasn’t a nice place.

5 reviews
Dined on 11 January 2019

The steak and salad bar were awful. The steak was greasy and did not have a good taste. The Molleja was reheated from the previous day. The salad bar was not good quality and the things did not taste fresh. The restaurant is nice inside, but the servers were uncaring and the people who serve you the unlimited meat act as though they are doing you a favor to cook it your way. Avoid this place at all costs. It is a disaster like Argentina. Es U.N. disastre como Argentina.

1 review
Dined on 9 January 2019

I can’t believe how cold and hard the food was... maybe because I came an hour before closing but the food should have still been fresh and not hard and cold... I brought it off Groupon so I couldn’t get my money back... maybe the are good but that day was bad for me!!!

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on 5 December 2018

The restaurant was fine. When we arrived we had our choice of tables and the hostess was very nice.
The waitress was pleasant and efficient.
I don't understand why I received an email stating that this reservation is not eligible for points. Since you know we dined there and are asking how we liked it, then you know we should received the points we are entitled to.
Please respond and explain. Also, make sure that I receive the points I am entitled to and perhaps some extra points for this inconvenience.

Thank you,
Marcia Pittell