Lansdowne Coton Tavern

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Lansdowne Coton Tavern, a Virginia tavern is a celebration of Virginia’s culinary history, with signature dishes from the past. Fried Chicken and Signature Chicken Pot Pie are what we are known for. Lansdowne Coton Tavern’s beverage program centers around local ingredients, Virginia wine, and a locally crafted beverage program. Lansdowne Coton Tavern is a place to enjoy homemade Virginia recipes and watch your favorite sports games and sitcoms.

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vipOpenTable Diner
New York Area
1 review
Dined on 7 March 2020

Waitress was nice
Man delivering our food was rude and even yelled across the room to get the waitress’ attention.
The food was by far the worst food I’ve ever eaten out

1 review
Dined on 28 February 2020

Food was terrible, really really bad. Very , very disappointed

3 reviews
Dined on 15 February 2020

The wait staff was incredibly friendly, especially our bar tender, but our waiter left halfway through the meal to go off shift and we seemed to be forgotten. The food was subpar for what I expected at a nice resort. The salmon was flavorless. The drinks were really good, though.

Washington DC
9 reviews
Dined on 15 February 2020

Nice atmosphere. Spaces to sit and relax by a fire, pool tables and bar

San Francisco
71 reviews
Dined on 15 January 2020

Let me tell you about my very disappointing dinner experience at the Lansdowne Coton Tavern (now renamed Coton & Rye), located in the lobby level of the Lansdowne Resort and Spa. I arrived at the restaurant at 6:30 pm on a Wednesday, it was practically deserted but even so, the hostess was not available to greet new arrivals and I was seated by a passing waiter (that happens sometimes and I'm totally fine with that). I notice that it's really more of a bar that happens to have some food, but it's not exactly clear that this is the case. After being seated, I put in my drink order as I reviewed the menu. The waiter returned with my drink and I placed my order for the "cheesesteak egg rolls" as an appetizer and the "short rib stroganoff" as my main course. No water or bread was offered and my egg rolls came out drenched with the two sauces that were in the description but really should not have been mixed together - sweet and sour sauce and mustard. I thought they would be the dipping sauces that I could choose from, not swimming in both. But before I finished my appetizer, the server barges in and asks me to move the egg rolls aside so he can put down the entree. Now this was an interesting experience - hot steaming noodles with 4 room temperature cubes of short ribs and some cold beets. The description of this dish didn't mention the crazy temperature gradient as part of the "highlights" of the dish. I couldn't really eat this dish as it was really not well prepared - almost like a bad "Chopped" basket of ingredients put together by a 12 year old. To add insult to injury, the waiter forgot or didn't understand how to check me in on OpenTable and I received a "no-show" email while I was sitting in the restaurant. Needless to say, I skipped dessert. I won't be coming back.

Washington DC
14 reviews
Dined on 22 December 2019

Basic sports bar

Washington DC
5 reviews
Dined on 6 December 2019

Don’t go during the holiday season. We were shocked to arrive only to find out someone was holding a party there. No idea if/how we’d still be able to dine there and had not been notified in advance. Also couldn’t find anyone in the place to help us so we left. Had really been looking forward to dinner. Had a much better experience at Piedmont’s.

Washington DC
10 reviews
Dined on 30 November 2019

Great food, the steak salad and salmon salad were excellent. Our waitress was very patient with a table of 4 kids! Fireplace was nice and TVs were appreciated to watch football. Cozy and yummy!

1 review
Dined on 22 November 2019

The food was decent, but the drinks were very weak (for $16) and the waiter was quite rude. It was a convenient but other than that, I’d skip it.

Washington DC
60 reviews
Dined on 15 November 2019

A convenient option if - like us - you were to be staying at the Lansdowne Resort . Kudos for the drinks menu, including local draft beers and whiskies. Food was poor to average, very bland if decent in terms of portion size. The salmon burger was a particularly big fail. Server tried to be helpful but seemed inexperienced and not able to cope well with our particular requests and questions concerning food and drink options.

1 review
Dined on 28 October 2019

I was early for my reservation and had time to observe. My biggest fault with this location is that the food is brought from another location and is carried through the open hallways of the hotel in the public without any type of cover over the plate. I ordered the Loudin burger which was cooked correctly and came with sweet potato fries.

OpenTable Diner
1 review
Dined on 15 October 2019

Food was great, service was okay. Server charged us twice, management fixed the next day.

1 review
Dined on 11 October 2019

We walked out after no one even asking for our drink order or giving us water after at least 5 minutes had passed. A very disappointing experience from a so-called resort. This place should just be a bar since that's the clientele they're catering to.

Washington DC
2 reviews
Dined on 11 September 2019

Food wasn’t very good and pricing super high. We ordered a wine on the menu and they were out. Super noisy! We will never go back.

New York Area
7 reviews
Dined on 30 August 2019

The steaks were very unevenly cooked. The texture seemed like they had been previously frozen. Requested medium rare, portions were medium and other were well-done. Very expensive.

Washington DC
1 review
Dined on 23 August 2019

I thought the food and cocktails were very good. My husband complained that his steak was a bit tough but had good flavor. The service was friendly and attentive. My only complaint was the ambiance. A bit too bright and generic. Seemed like a typical hotel vs. resort restaurant.

Washington DC
2 reviews
Dined on 23 August 2019

Service was really poor. Waitress told us we were wrong and that the Loudon restaurant week was the week before (it wasn't, and we enjoyed two other restaurants that weekend celebrating restaurant week). Requested a steak medium well; it came out rare. I asked for it to be cooked more, and it came back very, very well done.

1 review
Dined on 3 August 2019

I think given the location (Lansdowne), the pricing, etc - I was expecting more. The food was just okay, the service was just okay, nothing stood out as bad it just wasn't worth what we were paying.

vipOpenTable Diner
New York Area
1 review
Dined on 1 August 2019

This is a corporate conference center. Built for large corporate groups. Food service type food. Steam tray breakfast is the only option. Golf shop food only option for lunch. “Tavern” looks more like a conference room with a bar. “Tavern” tables look like a cheap Marriott dining room.

San Francisco
1 review
Dined on 20 July 2019

Excellent food! We were seated right next to a large group even though we had a reservation and it was very hard to hear. For some reason they also set up the food for the large group as they served it uncomfortably close to our table even though there was plenty of room in the corner to serve the large party.

1 review
Dined on 19 July 2019

We ate at the Cotton and Rye restaurant for both lunch and dinner on July 19 and 20th. The food was inconsistent, did not match the listed menu and the same order of salad was different for three guests at the same table. I do recommend the smoked chicken wings as they were consistently good. Service was poor as they use exchange students as servers and there was some language confusion and they did not seem to have a lot of serving experience. We have been going to this restaurant at least once per year for the last 5 years for a weekend get away and it has never been really good. Despite hoping it would improve, it never has. We are done now.

vipOpenTable Diner
1 review
Dined on 4 July 2019

The service was very slow and inconsistent. Food was not cooked as we asked for.

3 reviews
Dined on 3 July 2019

The food was good, but very pricey. Super noisy. Can’t say that will recommend or go back.

Washington DC
12 reviews
Dined on 10 May 2019

It was nice. We had the chicken pot pie. It was very good.

15 reviews
Dined on 28 April 2019

I was hoping for a better experience. If I hadn't been with clients, I would have sent the soup back (cold) and the Chicken Pot Pie that was so salty that I am surprised the deer didn't come in from outside for a lick! Ordered appetizers and within 4 minutes the waiter tried to deliver our entrees - ummm, we have barely taken one bite of the appetizer. Then he looked at me with an odd expression when I asked if he could return the dishes to the kitchen to keep them warm until we were ready. Yikes. Really wanted to like this place as the ambiance is OK but it just didn't work out well. Thankfully my guests were pretty chill and didn't fuss about it but it was a bit embarrassing.

Washington DC
13 reviews
Dined on 20 April 2019

Service was slow and noise level was outrageous! Having teens playing pool adjacent to the dining area is a deal breaker. Even without the kids there, I’ve found Coton to be noisy. Not going back. Seems like management isn’t sure about what this place should be.

1 review
Dined on 13 April 2019

We arrived on time to our 7pm reservation and were seated immediately. Our waiter came and gave us menus, and even recommended a few items. My husband ordered a drink, which actually ended up coming after we got our food (the waiter forgot). We also ordered pigs in a blanket. The description said the "pigs" would be wrapped in potato and lightly fried; we thought that meant the traditional small sausages wrapped in a potato dough. But what came out was a giant piece of sausage, "wrapped" in a potato chip. I'm not picky, but like most people, I like what I like. We sent it back, 'cause it wasn't obviously clear from the description in the menu that this was a new take on pigs in a blanket and I didn't feel like picking up a chip, biting into it and having it crumble everywhere while the hot juice from the sausage squirted everywhere. It could have tasted good, it's just not what I was looking for. The entrees (steak and tater tots for me and chicken pot pie for my husband) were at par. The steak was cooked properly but there was virtually no seasoning on it. If not for the sauce they brought for me to dip it in, it would have been very boring. My fiancé said that he liked the pot pie well enough, but it wasn't anything special. For dessert, we asked our waiter what ice cream they had. He listed them and we ordered cookies and cream...he brought butter pecan. When we showed it to him, he acted surprised, like he didn't know that that wasn't cookies and cream when he brought it out. Thankfully, neither my husband nor I had a nut allergy. We ended up settling for vanilla and chocolate (one small scoop of each, as opposed to the 3 scoops of butter pecan we initially got). And finally, just to finish it off, I had asked for cast iron, cornbread crusted mac n cheese to was soupy (the giant shells were swimming in a thin cheese sauce) and there was no crust. Once again, the waiter was shocked. It was just all so disappointing.

4 reviews
Dined on 2 March 2019

We stayed at the Resort for the weekend and dined at this restaurant on A Saturday night. Our large group of ten seemed to challenge the server. There was little knowledge of gluten free and no room for menu modifications which was a but disappointing. Half of the group really enjoyed their meals and the other half thought the food to be just fine.

Washington DC
23 reviews
Dined on 22 February 2019

Nice atmosphere, but too loud. brightly painted walls bounce sound too crisply all thru the space. Too loud.

Washington DC
23 reviews
Dined on 8 February 2019

Service very slow. Too loud, need sound barriers, sounded like a handball court.

Washington DC
23 reviews
Dined on 7 February 2019

Service very slow. Very loud atmosphere, too loud. Need sound dampening.

Washington DC
30 reviews
Dined on 18 January 2019

Loved loved loved the collard greens! Don’t change them! Totally happy to accommodate our keto diet too. Great job guys!!

1 review
Dined on 12 January 2019

My friend had the wings and seemed to enjoy them. I had the penne squash and zucchini dish, recommended by our server. There were only a few pieces of the vegetables. The dish was primarily pasta and feta cheese. The restaurant was loud and we were seated by in the back by on open door. It was cold.

OpenTable Diner
Washington DC
3 reviews
Dined on 4 January 2019

Love the renovations but the food did not impress especially for the prices. The bar staff were great but the waiter we had did not know much about the wine menu or the food menu. For the prices we should have gotten much better quality food and knowledgeable service. It was disappointing because we love the location and ambiance.

Washington DC
8 reviews
Dined on 29 December 2018

There were tons of tvs with various sports, so it was great to be able to see all teams play. I was a little disappointed when I ordered a drink that sounded really good, only to find out they couldn't make it that evening b/c the were out of raspberries. I get it though, that happens. The other thing I didn't love, which, admittedly was partially my fault for not reading the description was the Caesar Salad. It was full of Kale, hard boiled eggs, and other things I don't typically associate w/ a Caesar Salad. If it hadn't been called Caesar Salad, I wouldn't have been as put-off by it. I never read the description for something basic like that, as every other time I've ever ordered a Caesar Salad anywhere else, they've generally been pretty similar...romaine lettuce, croutons, Caesar dressing, and usually some fresh parmesan cheese on top. My salmon was pretty tasty.

4 reviews
Dined on 25 December 2018

We were looking for a quiet dinner.We were staying at the hotel. The place has pool tables and a cracking ball game. Very loud !!!!!! We moved to another table so it was alittle better.Service was very slow.We finally got our food.We had to just leave the food due to a table discussing various sex postions in detail. What a shame for a 45$ dinner.The mac and cheese was great.

1 review
Dined on 25 December 2018

Good place to go for lunch comfort food Sports shoot a little pool play a little shuffleboard good wine selection.

Washington DC
33 reviews
Dined on 16 November 2018

It took us 40 minutes after we arrived on time for our reservation to be seated. Some of us didn't ever get the food we ordered. It was not an enjoyable experience.

Washington DC
26 reviews
Dined on 9 November 2018

The restaurant was more geared to hotel guests and business people. A large group was there while we had dinner and the noise level was high. Once they left it was much quieter. The burger was delicious but the steak tips came with potatoes (tater tots). The steak was a small amount but cooked nicely.

20 reviews
Dined on 21 September 2018

The food is very good. I had heard about the restaurant opening and waited a while to visit... and expected that it would have less of a hotel vibe and more of a tavern/pub feeling. The (off-menu) cocktails we ordered were very watered down, If I were staying in the resort, I would love to eat here, but don't think I'll make a special trip again.


Lansdowne Coton Tavern is rated 3.1 stars by 83 OpenTable diners.

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