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Steakhouse 1961 im Hotel Goldene Krone
Steakhouse 1961 im Hotel Goldene Krone
Steakhouse | Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Harz

Steakhouse 1961 im Hotel Goldene Krone (Steakhouse 1961 in the Golden Crown Hotel) serves well-prepared meat and more. It has a contemporary, yet casual setting that's ideal for enjoying a meal with friends or family. Guests can choose from flavorful appetizers like carpaccio, chanterelle cream soup or a fresh salad from the buffet at Steakhouse 1961. A main course of roasted Barbary duck breast, rump steak or spare ribs will please the palate. Burgers, as well as vegetarian and fish dishes are also on the menu.

Steakhouse 1961 hosts seminars and events. It offers a business lunch and welcomes reservations.